Patented Bi-Metal Blade for Thin-Wall Tubes and Small Solids; DUOS blades are designed specifically for light duty bandsaws to cover a wide range of cutting applications. No break-in procedure is necessary.


  • The challenge of selecting the proper blade has been virtually eliminated bay the DUOS—most cutting applications can be accomplished efficiently and economically with the DUOS 9/11P.
  • The DUOS uses two different tooth and set configurations to control excessive feeding in profile and tubing type materials.
  • Adopting a positive rake angle enhances cutting performance in both solid and profile cutting.
  • Increasing the chip area of gullet by utilizing the two-step relief angle is a first for the smaller pitches.
  • Time-consuming break-in periods are totally eliminated when using the DUOS 
  • DUOS is a blade developed exclusively for the light-duty bandsaw. This design prevents tooth stripping and/or chipping when cutting profiles, while expanding the application to include solid material to the full capacity. 


  • High-quality backing material with an Amada-modified M42 strip ensures the longest possible blade life. 
  • Innovative dual tooth and set configuration, plus proprietary tooth shapes in a HI-LO configuration, provide the most efficient and economic metal sawing. 


  • High production rate
  • Long life on mild solid steels, heavy wall tubing, and structural steel 
  • Low cost per cut


Edge Material Amada-modified M42 base matrix HSS

Hardness of Tooth Tip 900 HV 

Wear Resistance ** (2 Stars)

Chipping Resistance ***** (5 Stars)

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