Bandsaw Blade Type: PROTECTOR M42 Edge Material: M42 HSS Features: Blade designed for the structural steel industry. The tooth geometry virtually eliminates tooth chipping plus the M-42 edge provides abrasive resistance for extended blade life. To Learn More About This Blade Contact KMH Supply Company at 1-800-772-2110

Amada Saw Blades For Precision Cutting and More

When you’re working with all sorts of materials, cutting them in a precise manner is very important. Whether you’re utilizing heavy machinery and equipment, or something smaller, you’ll want to ensure that the blades are of a certain grade and caliber. It’s with that in mind that you may want to look into Amada saw […]

Things To Look For In A Bandsaw Blade Supplier

Bandsaw Blade Supplier – Ohio & Michigan Many industries rely heavily on precision cutting and components that go alongside their machinery. Whether you are in lumber, metal works, automotive design, art, or just about any major industry going today, you’ll find that there are certain pieces that you cannot live without. One of the big […]

Customized Bandsaw Blade Solutions in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Customized Bandsaw Blade Solutions When it comes to cutting materials of varying types, you have to have the right tools. This goes for any attempt to cut through anything, whether it’s rock solid, timber, or metal, you need to have the correct saw blades or you will find that your job can get increasingly more […]